If the first freedom struggle happened now…….

Anna Hazare is the talk of the town. Whether or not everyone supporting him knows the nuances of his fight he is seen as some sort of messiah who can end corruption. But an interesting thing to note is the comparison with Gandhiji and the movement being dubbed as the second freedom struggle. If that’s the case we are privileged enough to be alive in this generation which saw a freedom struggle. But let’s think for a moment, how the first freedom struggle and its events  would have unfolded if it were to happen now. That would be interesting right!!

The whole thing would have been a toast for the media. Think about a press conference by Gandhiji. The whole nation would be on a stand still during his press meets. How he would have handled the media? Would he be still kind and gentle as he is said to be or would he go nuts when he hear any crazy questions from the journos?  With everyone going after trps it would have been interesting to know who gets to interview gandhiji first, who can live stream  gandhijis satyagrahas to the maximum, how the events like Jalian Wallah Bagh would have been telecasted with all the dead bodies piled up then the formation of congress party , choice of first pm all these would have had a lot of rumors and speculation with the so called sourcesfor the med ia and lobbyists would have had a great time. People like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai,Arnab Goswami would be racing against each other to have the best panel for prime time debates.

Think about the topics of prime time debates like- whether India should be partitioned? If partitioned what should be its name?  Who should be the first pm of india? On one side we can have the Congress spokes person and on the other side we can have well, the bjp spokesperson would be missed, then… yup someone from British side say Lord xxx, Then the media themselves can decide  whether India should get independence or not. Then poll questions like whether british should leave India(Think that would have got a 100pc poll?) or do you support Gandhijis satyagraha or S C Bose’s Army way, Wonder what would have been the poll percentage for that, then which slogan makes you feel more patriotic? And then the most important question whether Kashmir should be with India or Pakistan? Wonder what people might have thought about this during partition time

 Then don’t forget the social media. How many facebook and twitter accounts would have been there for Gandhiji, Nehru, Jinnah. Who would have liked and disliked whom in Facebook and what would be the trending hashtags of twitter. Any guesses on who would be the most popular in facebook and twitter and whether Nehru, Rajendra Prasad or Jinnah would have to quit because of some comments they made in twitter. There is also a chance that Gandhiji or Nehru might have announced the independence of India through a tweet or a status update.

How about Gandhiji having his own website where he can write blogs or provide copies or videos of his speeches. Using mobile phone he can also message his supporters to organize protests at various places. While they fought Britishers on the street there could have been a war fought online too between Indians and Britishers, Wonder who would have won that one. Well, that means we need to win two wars for our independence, one on the street and the other one online.

Technology and mass media has so advanced today that it is really unrealistic for some one from older generation to think of todays events and even if the same event happens today it would entirely be a different turn of events. But all these advancements, is it for better or for worse??


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