‘Dream’ What exactly comes to your mind when you hear that, the dreams about your future or the one that you see at night. Well in most cases I guess its the former but here I’m going to write about the latter.

Dreams that you see at night, the images of your subconscious mind, might well be forgotten when you wake up. Still you remember some but not everything. In your dream you can see anything good, bad, evil anything you want. It is beyond imagination. It is said that if you sleep constantly thinking about something there is a chance that it will come in your dream.May be thats why you get nightmares of your exam results when the dates come close by.  I too see a lot of weird and strange things in my dream and there is one such dream that I saw some time back which was rather funny and I’ve not forgotten it till now.

In my dream I saw myself with my best friend. We were going for a cricket match. The stadium was packed beyond capacity and when we almost reached the stadium we got lost in the crowd. As the crowd was getting out of control police men came and in that melee a police man came dragged me and I was hand cuffed by him. I was taken to a room and in that room I saw someone sitting. Guess what I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. But he too was sitting there handcuffed. Then the police man went out as if he was looking for someone. Sitting there in the room I was just staring at him. Then after sometime Rahul Dravid came and asked the police man to uncuff both of us.

Ha..Ha.. how’s that for a dream.  But why did I see it?  May be my wish to meet them is too strong for them to come in my dream. We always dream of meeting many celebrities and many of our idols but many of it hardly comes true. But if they come in our dreams I think we can actually meet them free of cost with no hassles and large crowds surrounding them right What do you think??


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