Justice – the Dexter way

Well, first of all let me confess that I’m not here to review the ‘Dexter’ series. But to those who do not understand Dexter let me just tell you that the character Dexter Morgan from the series Dexter is as a blood spatter analyst during day time and a serial killer who kills bad people at night. He is in fact trained by his foster father himself on how to cover his tracks so that he is never caught by anyone.

This is one of my favourite series and one thing that always think when I see this is Why isn’t he there for real? I’m not endorsing the fact that all bad people should be killed.  But when you see how effectively our justice system works we are made to feel that we need people like dexter in real life too who can give us at least some justice.

Every day some murder gets reported in the media and many others go unreported. Some gets killed, okay it is unfortunate but more unfortunate is when those who committed it get scot free and come out of the court room with a smile painted on their face while the victims families are inconsolable.  Arushi Talwar, Rizwanur Rehman, Nirupama Pathak ……….and the list can continue. Then there is a feeling that if media takes up a case then you can put some pressure on the authotities to do things. Then that would mean that you have to move from one studio to another one press conference to another even before you have ingrained what exactly has happened. It is the police and the court that should give jutice to victims and not media. Then what happens if they are caught.? The long court battles can make the life of the victims family a living hell.

I’m just venting the anger and frustration of those people who live each day in the hope of justice being delivered to them in their life time. The justice system itself need a complete revamp. We are a country were the life sentence is still a mere 14 years while in US a fraudster can have more years than that. So at the end there is only one thing that we can pray for , that is to try and remain safe in what ever way we can so that we don’t have  to go through this.


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