It’s your life

Well, when I recently passed out of college everyone put a big question in front of me, ‘Hey you got a job?’ After a while you might feel sick of explaining what you are going to do now, how, why, why you chose it and it can go on and on and on. Whatever is that you’re going to do just make sure that you got enough answers to explain it to your people around you. It can sometimes be harder than a job interview

‘Hey you know that boy next door, he completed graduation and he hasn’t found a job yet, wasted his parents money going to college’ , ‘He always fails in the interview, he doesn’t have good communication skills’, ‘He has chosen X job over Y god knows what he is going to do with it’…blah….blah…blah. Why should you be so concerned about others?  Are you a sadist rejoicing the fact that he is jobless or are you really concerned about him?

 There are certain norms around here in the society that you graduate, find a 10 to 5 job get married and settle down. If you dare to deviate from it and chose to do something  unorthodox eye brows are raised. I always wonder why? At the end it’s your life and at least you can have control on your own life right?

But the worst part is when your family also turns their back on you. ‘Hey the boy next door who studied with you is earning 50k now and you’re sitting here and watching TV, what the hell are you going to do about your future? How are you going to survive?’ Well it can be brutal to give answers to your family too along with neighbors and others. That’s when you feel that the world is spinning around you and you need to find answers quickly or you’re going to get trapped.

   Well, my friends that’s the irony. You don’t decide for you others do and when that happens you can be rest assured that you won’t enjoy your life. Life can become a hell. Only those guys who break up all the shackles and stand up for themselves will make it big.


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