Age of passwords

Username:xxxxxxxx Password:********. Have you ever counted how many times  you give those in a day? Well i’m sure at least some must have lost their count.

We get up in the morning thinking of checking our mail. There we start by entering our username and password. Then we think of downloading something and we will be shown a sign up screen. That means another new set of passwords for us to remember. Most of our day to day activities now revolve around these passwords. Our online banking, all sorts of ticket reservations, online purchasing, online billing, social networking and then of course our blogging sites everyone wants passwords.

But you can’t  blame anyone. Its for your safety only. But how many can we store in our brain. OMG, my head is spinning with too much passwords going around. Even the password needs to be in a specific order with alphabets, numbers, special characters and such things. We can not give same passwords to all. That would mean if some one gets our password he can hack on to anything related to us. That can be dangerous. So how am I going to remember all these?  May be I can have a file where I can store all these passwords. Then again I might need another password to secure this top secret file.

It is better to remember the passwords than writing it down anywhere. But what will happen when you don’t remember it?  You want to book a railway ticket online and you can’t remember your password. Damn, Are you then going to miss a train due to a forgotten password. What the hell guys??

Our world is now revolving around these passwords and the best place to store it is our brain. No one can hack into it atleast for the time being. Just store the passwords in there and do not let the passwords eat up your brain.


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