Is it bad luck or what…?

I’m not sure whether this should be the title for this post but I just wanted to share a small incident that happened in class. We have a professor who values the so called first impression the best impression thing a lot. He always tell us one thing. A student should stand up three times in class. One when the teacher enters the class. Two when his/her name is called. Three when the teacher leaves the class. Today he was teaching and it was almost lunch time. Still he was not leaving. After skipping the breakfast I was getting hungrier and hungrier and him not leaving was really pissing me off. Usually I sit at the back but today for some unknown reason I sat in the first bench. So I couldn’t do anything other than listening to his lecture. At last after a delay of 20 minutes he left. I was so hungry that I was collecting my things to run for lunch and I didn’t see him leaving the class. Suddenly one of my friends came and told me ‘Hey why didn’t you stand up when sir left, He was staring at you like hell’. Oh Gosh, did he? I mean I didn’t even notice. I stand up when teachers come and leave all the time even when others don’t. But sitting at the back no one notices. Now when I forgot one day he have to stare at me like I was guilty. He must now be having a bad impression about me that I have no respect for teachers.

These sort of things sometimes happen to you. You do the home work teacher gives you everyday and teacher doesn’t ask about it the next day. One day when you feel lazy and you don’t do it the teacher asks for your home work the next day. Suddenly the teacher gets the impression that you are a lazy bone that doesn’t do his work. One day of laziness has suddenly over shadowed days of hardwork.

Sometimes you study regularly and the teacher doesn’t put any test. Then you take a day off in between. You go to the class without studying and that day there might be a test. One off day and you get low marks and suddenly teacher starts thinking that you are not interested in studies

Well I think I’ve discussed a lot about studies here may be due to the fact that I haven’t really graduated from being a student in my life. Why does everyone expect us to be perfect always? Just like others expect us to be perfect we expect others to be perfect too. Like our newspaper boy who comes everydayat the right time. But in between if he has an off day and comes late I’ve seen my dad getting really pissed off and agitated. Similar is the case with my mom and my milk man.

But these things happen not only in these scenarios but in other cases as well. Sachin plays at his best always. But in between when he fails we start talking about his retirement. Same is the case with our favourite movie stars too when he delivers a bad movie we say he is done.

These things happen always and it reminds us that no one is perfect. We just need to take things in our stride and move on.  It is a way of telling us that life is full of unexpected things and happenings. So just enjoy your life and move ahead.


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