Year 2012, how will it be???

So 2012 is here. Time for us to decide our new year resolutions. Also there are lots of events for us to look forward to. Its going to be another exciting year ahead of us. But lets look at some events that can make the coming year a memorable one.

Sachin to complete his century

Every one is just waiting for this to happen. But now its postponed to 2012. Hmmm…well will he get it or will he also have the same fate as Don Bradman whose batting average was left on 99. Nah, lets be optimistic and Sachin definitely has got time to do it. Lets wish him the best.

India in Olympics

Olympics is happening this year. All these years when ever olympics happened the question that we used to ask was will India get at least one medal? But this year the question would be how many medals are we going to get? With a much improved performance during the last olympics and many of the recent performances our atheletes has surely given us hope of a great olympics this time.

India and its beauty queens

Its been almost a decade since India won an international beauty pagent. Will the wait end this year? Come on Indian beauties show to the world that we have got what it takes to have that crown with us.

Dollar and Rupee

The year 2011 is ending with rupee being all time weak against the dollar. Can 2012 make the rupee the strongest against the dollar? Lets wait and see.

India’s growth story

India’s economic growth got a bit of jitter during 2011. But let’s be optimistic for 2012. The farmer suicides, the increased fuel prices, food imports, will all these decrease or will all these just continue from where we left?

Manmohan Singh should learn to speak

If there are certain people that does not change then it is Manmohan Singh. He is in the middle of his second term and still he is a communication dinosaur. Will we be able to see an interview of Manmohanji by an Indian journalist?? Kapil Sibal, P Chidambaram, Salman Khurshid all these are eminent speakers who can give some tips to him

A corruption free year

We all are optimistic that the Lokpal Bill will be passed in 2012. But more importantly will that end corruption? Can 2012 become the first corruption free year in India’s history? Also how many more times will Anna fast before the Lokpal Bill is passed?

The world coming to an end

Will this happen? With all those doomsday theories doing the rounds, will the world really come to an end? So don’t get upset, don’t plan your careers, don’t study just enjoy the next one year because our time on earth is numbered.

Before I end a very happy birthday to all those birthday babies who are celebrating their birthdays on feb 29, whose 4 year wait to celebrate their birthdays will come to an end. Enjoy your birthday guys.


How MJ changed me ???

Michael Jackson or MJ as he is called is one of the best artists the music industry has ever produced. Stop there, I’m not going to write about how great he is or how he has inspired people around the world. Also hundreds of articles have also been published about him so me writing one more will just be a rhetoric. Instead I’m going to tell how he has inspired me personally and it is in a very unique way. But the unfortunate thing is that all this happened after his death.

Coming from a typical Mallu family I grew up watching Malayalam films and hearing Malayalam songs and all. Then when I learned Hindi it became my preferred language of entertainment. But some how I always felt disconnected from english even though I learned that language from kg classes. A few of my friends used to watch English movies and stuff but it was just a minority.

I’m not implying that I did not understand english, its just that I was not interested in hollywood and other english related entertainment industry. I used to think that these things are for the west and as a true Indian I was more interested in Bollywood and stuff. I never bothered to watch an english movie or an english song.

Then something changed. The day MJ died the news channels were running some of his music as a tribute. I have to admit that until then I haven’t heard a single song of MJ. But that day when I heard it for the first time I was blown away. I began to wonder how the hell did I missed it all these years. His songs had some sort of charisma that wants you to hear it again and again. That day I downloaded all the MJ songs and then it was just MJ and MJ day and night. I was just cursing myself for staying away from such wonderful music till then.

I listened to MJ music so much that I got saturated and then I moved on to others like Enrique and Savage Gardens. It just opened up the flood gates for me and from then onwards it was just BSB, Britney Spears, Madonna, Metallica and the list continues. But it didn’t stop with just music. It was after this that I began to watch english movies and series. Star World and Star Movies are now my favorite channels taking away the place of Star Plus. My ipod has now around 500 odd songs and mind you all of them are english.

So MJ from his music opened hollywood entertainment for me that I was missing till then. Watching all this has changed the way I use English language too, especially the way I speak. Thanks to him that I am more comfortable with this language I ever was. MJ has inspired a lot of people around the world through his music but the unfortunate thing is that he could change me and my way of life only after his death.

Reservations – what is the need for it?

This is really a controversial topic and the discussions on this has been continuing for a long time. Right from the time it was introduced people have been debating about whether it is required, how it should be implemented, who should really benefit from it and so on. These were introduced years ago and its time for us to amend these archiac laws.

This issue was on the lime light a couple of years ago when the government introduced a 50 pc reservation in central universities. But after that the issue has been completely forgotten. It is in IITs, NITs and other Institutions of National Importance that the reservations have maximum impact. Here less seats and high number of students make the competition very tough. The government says the reservation is for the upliftment of backward communities. This argument can be accepted if the communities are really backward. Why would you want to give reservations to those who have the capacity to buy dell laptops, ipods, ipads and all the latest electronic gadgets and then go for parties with friends on weekends. Why do people who are rich and lead such lavish life styles need reservations? Its true the reservations were not made for then but unfortunately those are the people that enjoy the benefits of reservation. The marks needed by a general category student and that of SC/ST students varies like sky and earth.

The admission part does not reveal the entire story. The fees that is to be paid by general and reserved category students also vary significantly. A rich man of a backward community has to pay less fees but a poor man of a forward community is left to beg to pay his fees. The time when this reservation was introduced backward communities were indeed the poor people. So at that time all this made sense. But now when everything has changed so much, caste has not much of relevance as it used to be still the government does not want to bring any reforms to it. No wonder we are still in ice age.

Many of the students that commit suicides in IITs are from these reservation category who are not able to cope up with the pressure. There is infact no pressure at all. These students should understand that their abilities are very different from the other students and they should be thankful that at least they have got an opportunity to study there. An opportunity which many talented students have lost only due to caste and nothing else. If we look at the marks of students of these institutions you will find that most of the reserved category students will be at the bottom.

It is high time the government brought in some reforms or else the economic and development future of this country is at stake. Today the reservation would have made more sense if it was on monetary basis rather than caste based. A general category candidate with high marks will do more justice in a high post than a reserved category student with very low marks. If you can have reservations in IITs then why don’t you have reservations in Indian cricket team or in Bollywood. I am just hoping that the government wakes up for the future of this country.