The underuse of technology

Technology is developing at a pace that we can hardly imagine. But the irony is what is the use of developing something if we are not going to use it. We use technology at a wide scale and it has improved our living too. But there are lots of areas where the use of technology can bring about positive and remarkable changes but due to some reason or the other we choose not to use it.

When 26/11 happened the police was blamed for using century old weapons which was no match to the terrorists. 3 years on what has changed, nothing. It is a shocking fact that even the basic CCTV camera installation is not yet done in many places. What is the reason behind all this? The red tape. Be it anything from bullet proof jacket, cctv cams, new age machine guns the files have to move through so many tables that it just loses its way. Our police is also not fortunate enough to use all those new age weapons which could make their life easier too.

Another case is our schools. Gone are the days when teaching in school meant just black board and chalk. Now various tools are available to make the classes interesting to the students. The educomp smart classes should not just remain an advertisement. It has to become a reality all over India. But is anyone seriously working for it? Smart teaching tools can definitely make the classes more child friendly and allow children to understand details in depth. But when will we start using it through out our country??

Technology can be used in many other sectors too. In transportation it is the time for bullet trains and here we still fighting for metros in many cities. In Indian Railways we are still taking at least 2 days to move from north to south. While others are moving at the speed of a bullet we are still crawling at snail’s pace.

In another context in cricket there is a controversy about the use of DRS. It uses all the latest technologies and can help the on field umpire to make correct decisions. But here the interesting thing is that the cricket board has chosen not to use it. But the question is that if the technology is available then why not use it. Why do we have to live life the dinosaur way?

The lack of technological usage has nothing to do with any financial constraints. People should also be educated so that they are aware of the latest technological advancements and be able to use it. We just need some one who can rise above the system and deliver and not like the BCCI who choose not to use it. Why should we be denied of something that will help our life’s easier when it is available.


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