Story of a modern school student

‘Student allegedly stabs teacher to death in Chennai school for being strict’. This was the headline all over the news yesterday and all the tv channels were having panel discussions to find out why such a horrible thing happened.

Well, I graduated from school recently and I understand his frustration about his teacher. I’m not defending the student here but then let me take you through the life of a modern school student and explain how stressful the childhood is today.

A modern school student needs to get up at five because he has to go for his tuition classes at 6. A typical tution class will have at least 40 students from different schools crammed into a small room. They say if the students are crammed into a room that means he is a better teacher that is why everyone is preferring him. Crammness is a sign of popularity and efficiency. Then the student comes back and gets ready for school. With not much time between the tuition class and school the breakfast is always half done or in some cases just a glass of milk.

Now at last he reaches school and hopefully he is not late. Then class starts. Science, Social Studies, English, Maths the teachers come and go one by one. The English teacher is going to ask questions and if you don’t answer then you have to stand the whole period. Enough to make one embarrased in front of the class. Then there is a science test and if you get less marks the you have to write the entire questions 10 times. Then Maths teacher will come and check your home work. If not done then she is going to talk to your parents. Only once a week you will have a PT class or Art class or a library hour where he can chill and relax. But even those classes are converted to extra classes at the end to finish portions.

Now he some how managed to survive a day of school. If he thinks he can go home for some rest then he is termed lazy. From school he goes for computer classes or dance, music, swimming, karate or whatever it might be. Parents say its for the overall development but no one asks what exactly the child wants whether he really wants to go to these classes. After these classes he reaches home. It will be almost dinner time. After dinner its time for home works and studies. A whole day has passed and he didn’t even had a single moment to himself or do something what he wanted.

If he thinks he can relax on weekends then it will be full of extra classes and tuitions. Exams are everywhere with schools conducting weekly tests, monthly tests then term exams not to forget the tests in tuition classes too. Then parents will take him to some competitive tests, scholarship tests and others. He can’t go there without preparation. With too much to study and too much pressure a modern school student is definitely a dull boy.

Then comes the time of report cards the only time when parents and teachers come face to face. Parents will blame the teachers for not teaching properly, teachers will blame the parents for not looking after whether their child is studying or not and the deadlock continues. Some will also start comparisons about that student getting so much marks and some one else getting better grades. The student will have to let this tamasha continue around him. When he goes home there is scolding from his parents. Next day he comes to school there is scolding from teacher. Where can he go next? What can he do to let off some steam

Many things can be done to improve the system but it seems no one is really interested. CBSE says it has introduced grades for extra curricular activities. But its just an eye wash.  what is happening in many schools is that they don’t conduct anything and they just give some grades at the end.

Then there is a system of giving grace marks where if you get prizes in state or national level competitions you will get extra marks. But here too many schools does not provide any classes. He has to get classes from outside and excel in that field.

We have schools were science, maths and all is taught. Why can’t we also have schools were arts, sports, literature can be taught. So students who are interested in those can take admissions there. They should be promoted to various classes based on their performance and when they pass their metric they should be given the pass certificate on his area of study. If a student wants to be a sportsman or a dancer in their future life how does studying pythagorus theorem and ohms law help him. For him every moment studying these theorms is a waste of time. But when will we wake up?


Innovative protests

Protests are a way of expressing our displeasure against something or someone. Legally every citizen has the right to protest. Violence in protest is always disapproved. Non violent ways of protest in whatever way is acceptable to all. But there are some new ways of protest that despite being non violent is completely weird.

Lakhs of litres of milk were wasted by the Shiv Sena some time back to protest against Centre’s decision to import large quantities of milk powder in Pune. This sort of massive wastage in a state where half of children under the age of three are underweight.

When the prices of tomatoes fell the farmers dumped tomatoes in a highway in Bangalore. All the vehicles passing through it then crushed it and made a ketch up out of it. This massive waste in a country where millions of people go hungry and die.

These sort of protest happen outside India too. A couple of years ago in Belgium farmers dumped three million litres of fresh milk in pastures and roads to protest low milk prices.

Many have disapproved such protest which result in massive wastage of materials. Such protests despite being non violent should not be encouraged at least in a country like India where there is massive food shortage. Some protests that has got the maximum support in the recent time are the Arab Uprising, Occupy Wallstreet and Anna Hazare’s protest against Lokpal Bill. But the Arab Uprising had a violent turn with the state of civil war in some countries. Numerous factors led to these protests like absolute monarchy, human rights violation, poverty, corruption, unemployment and many such factors. This also led to the removal of many Arab leaders. It was like a 21st century revolution in the Arab World.

Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption is an ongoing movement. It is made popular by Anna Hazare by his hunger fasts. The fast against hunger was first started by Gandhiji to protest against the Britishers. Hunger fasts are the most common non violent protests in India. Irom Sharmila in Manipur is fasting for almost 11 years now. Even though the movement has lost its steam now everyone is hopeful that a lokpal bill will be passed during the budget session thanks to Anna Hazare.

At some point in time some protests which catch the attention of all then becomes a mass movement. The Occupy Wallstreet which started in New York then became a world wide phenomena. What ever be the cause a peaceful protest which do not interfere or cause any inconvenience to others will get maximum support from all