The state of being denied

Those who have gone through my twitter account in the past few days would know that I’m having some issues with my room mate. I want to change the room but the hostel warden is not in favour of this idea. I went really mad thinking that I’ve been denied of a room that is available but to the stubborness of the warden. But then I paused for a moment and explored the surroundings only to find out that denial is something that people experience in their day to day life.

Everyday we hear stories of how people are denied justice due to a host of reasons. They go to court for justice only to be given dates. The agony continues and it can be tough if you are fighting it alone. Justice delayed is justice denied is not just a rhetoric but the reality for many who fight against the system.

Victims are denied of their compensation. Tragedy happens to them or their loved ones but then they have to face heartless officials who are least bothered about this. Compensation cannot change what happened to them but at least it can give hope of a better future. But for many these compensation packages doesn’t reach them.

In many places women are denied of their basic rights because she is a woman. Women can’t go out, they have to dress in a particular way, they are raped, they are the victims of domestic violence, they are denied of their rights in every turn of their life.

In our country where caste is given so much importance many people since they are from lower caste are denied of even their basic rights. They are not allowed to work, study or enter certain places of worship. Their caste is a stigma for them.

Now with the rich and poor divide increasing to be poor can be very difficult. If you are poor you can’t get proper education, no health care facilities, no basic facilities like water or sanitation, government programmes hardly reach you and the life can be really tough. The onus is on the government to make sure that such things don’t happen.

Everyone must have experienced some denial in their life. But a more relevant question to ask is will we deny others of their basic needs due to our stubborness and laziness? Everyone has the right to lead a peaceful life and we are no one to deny them of their needs.


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