Mayawati’s statues and its future

So the much awaited elections are over. UP was a surprise not for the result but for the huge mandate SP has got. So after five years its time for Mayawati to leave. Looks like her  statues and corruption has not gone down well with the voters of UP. So now since she has left what can be done with her statues.

Lets look at each party’s perspective. The SP which is in power is accused of being a goonda raaj party. The SP can use her statues to hide their collated money, arms and ammunitions for their hooligans. With Mayawati busy with her political analysts to attack SP on policy matters she may not be bothered about what is happening in her statue parks. So it can be used as  a treasure park for the SP goondas to prevail. With police protection everything is safe. Now Rahul Gandhi can truly say that Haathi paisa kha gaya.

For BJP their one and only agenda is to see Ram Mandir constructed. If Ram Mandir is constructed then BJP leaders and their supporters have achieved everything in life. The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya seems like a long way ahead they can ask for another Ram Mandir in the place of these statues. All the Mayawati’s statues should be demolished and Ram Mandir should be constructed. That is what India needs at this moment.

But what can the Congress do? A simple thing is to place a statue of Indira Gandhi in front of the park and rename it as Indira Gandhi park. Renaming is in fact best done by Congress after their first family. They are unbeatable at least in that department

But can Mayawati sit quiet? What is she going to do with the statues now? Does she have any plan? Lets just wait and watch her political moves now after such a thumping defeat and with a young Akhilesh as CM


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