Didi’s Didigiri

Dada giri is over. It’s the age of didigiri. So let’s welcome the Gabbari Singh from Kolkolay

Na na na na naaa naaa…… Pa pa pa pa paaa paaa……

*stamps her feet on the ground and the whole world trembles*

Kitne reforms the?

Teen sarkar

Aur tumne ek bhi paas hone nahi diya?

Haan sarkar

Shabaaash!!!! Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha….

What was the first proposal from mannu?

51% FDI in retail. He said it will increase jobs. But our sources confirmed that it is Sonia Gandhi who is the master mind. She wants to bring her foreign friends to India and party with them. Infact she is missing her old life. But sarkar, we will not allow India to be ruled by foreigners once again. Khoon piya hai hamara in angezon ne…

The second one

The NCTC. Rahul Gandhi is behind this game. He is concerned that the number of non congress ruled states are increasing. So his ploy is to bring in NCTC and intimidate the non congress CMs with it. He wants to force them to surrender the states to the congress. We in fact bugged the PMO to get this top secret information.

And the third one

The railway fare hike.  Actually mannu wanted to make sure that by hiking the fares poor won’t be able to travel in trains so that Rahul Gandhi and his entourage can travel in it. He wanted to increase his security due to threats to him.

And u rejected all the three proposals….Bahut achcha kaam kiya. You will be rewarded for this.

Did u see Soniaji and Rahul baba? What was their reaction?

Yup we saw. They were like some gangster had hit them black and blue.

And what about mannu?

He didn’t say anything. Someone was saying that by mistake he used fevicol as lipstick. So he won’t be able to speak for a while.

Very good. Now these three will dance and I will be the spectator

*Desi girl Desi girl performance by Soniaji*


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