Only god can save congress

The headache for congress is increasing with scams, corruption and sex. India ka problems gaye baad mein pehle khud ke problems ka solution toh nikale. A CWC meeting is underway

Sonia G: What is happening in Congress party? I want a solution now. Think everyone think. We desperately need an image makeover. Jo dimaag ki bathi jalayega I assure you that he will be given a  ministerial berth.

Member 1: My solution is that we should ask Rahul baba for his solution.

Member 2: Arey Nahi nahi, You’ve forgotten what happened in UP, now a days all his solutions are becoming flops. Even if he is at fault the blame will be on us. Implementing his solution means creating more problems for us.

Member 1: Let’s ask Kapil Sibal. His zero policy might help. Or what about Pranab da. He has a magic wand that has a solution to all the world’s problems.

Member 2: Bachchon jaisi baatein mat kiya karo, Listening to them means hanging ourselves. It can also put our ministerial powers at risk. I think only God can save us now

Member 1: God means some God men? Haan… we can use their tricks to purify the parliament

Member 2: Arey tumhara dimaag toh tikane par hai. They’ve also been hit by scandals. They will also bring in their load of corruption and sex with them. Do we want to bring in more mud on us?

Member 1: Tab toh….

**A newspaper article on Sachin’s 100th century is found by their side**

Member 1: Sachin paji, he is also a God, God with a clean image. He is even worshipped by his followers. He can definitely help us.

Member 2: But will he agree to come to the parliament? He doesn’t speak much

Member 1: Arey, who wants him to speak. We just want his presence in parliament. Tumne kabhi bagwan ko baat karthe suna hai kya… We will ask Soniaji to convince him.

Member 2: Hmmm..sounds good. What if Mamatadi opposes this too?

Member 1:Uff…us chudail ko kaun samjayaega…She doesn’t listen to anyone. May be God can change her mind this time

At Mamatadi’s office.

What they are giving RS ticket to Sachin? I oppose it. Why a preference to Maharashtrian? Bengali’s are always left out.  If Sachin can be given a ticket then why not Sourav Ganguly? This is not acceptable

Are Mamatadi relax, If it is the case of Sourav Ganguly it is better to be with the Congress

What? Support the congress? What are you saying? We agreed that our aim was to oppose them and not support

Mamatadi, Sourav Ganguly is with CPM na, Even CPM has started campaigning for him, So in such a case how can you show your support  to him, Isn’t that against your moral rights?

Arey haan, That’s right. So tell them that this time I’m with them, Mogambo khush hua..

So in the end it took the virtual God to bring in both TMC and Congress on the same page. Way to go….


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