Petrol ka daam girna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai….

The petrol prices are up. What can the aam aadmi do? Let’s find out how everyone is reacting.

Father in law of the bride just before marriage

“What are these things for? Furnitures, Gold and cash as dowry. We don’t want all this. Hamein sirf ek hi cheez chahiye. 100L of petrol. If you can give this only then the marriage will happen. We also need you to sign a bond which says that you will pay for petrol for the rest of the life”

Bank officer to a customer

“Hello sir, we have just introduced a new card known as petrocard. The card comes in different denominations which helps you to buy petrol. With rising prices it is good for you to invest certain amount of money for petrol for a safe future. We are also introducing bank loans to buy petrol upto 100L. Are you interested to buy it?”

A terrorist talking to his boss

“Sir there is a change in our plan. We cannot make petrol bombs due to rise in its price. But we have found an alternative. We are going to use nuclear bombs”

An investor

“I think the best thing to invest upon is petrol because the prices are always up. So after 5 years I will get huge returns for it. I just need a place to store it. May be I can bury all the petrol cans in my backyard”

Sonia Gandhi to her ministers

“Friends, do not worry about this steep hike. It’s just a political ploy. Increase it by Rs 7.50 and then decrease Rs 5.50. It will show that despite tough economic circumstances prevailing we are still concerned about common man. We will also achieve our aim of increasing the petrol price to Rs 2 without much protest”


Pranab da…hamein bachao

With deep financial crisis and India’s growth story taking a plunge no one wants to be in Pranab Mukherji’s shoes. Come, let’s go inside and see how he is planning for India’s future.

PS: Sir I’ve completed your statement on the Aircel-Maxis deal that you are supposed to deliver on the floor of the house. Do you want to go through it to see if it needs to be modified?

Pranab da: What is there to go through? It is Chidambaram’s matter.  If there are any errors Chidambaram will suffer. So why should I be bothered that much?

PS: Also the markets were down the whole week. Are you going to announce any policy changes?

Pranab da: Arey, the sensex tanked due to Greece. What can I do anything on it?

PS: Are you not even going to ask the RBI to help the economy to regain its stability?

Pranab da: If RBI needs to take any action it is for the RBI governor to decide. How can I interfere in their matters?

PS: Sir the rupee is falling against the dollar consistently. It should stop now or else our economy will be affected badly

Pranab da: The rupee is falling due to various global factors. How can I control the globe?  I’m the Finance Minister of India not of the World

PS: So does that mean you are not going to take any policy decision at all?

Pranab da: You know, my policy is Wait and Watch policy. Are maloom nahi tujhe Sabr ka fal meeta hota hai. Ha..ha..ha…

Now the question is aise logon ke haath mein hamara kya hoga

Baba pahunche pagalkhana…

Baba pahunche pagalkhana…

So in the latest war of word Laluji has called Baba Ramdev a mental patient. Toh abhi sach mei aisa ho gaya toh…

Doctor: Oh, so u r the new patient

Baba: Hey, mind ur words I’m not a patient I’m the doc, do u know how many people I’ve cured with my medicine the great yoga medicine

Doctor: So u r doctor now, don’t worry yahan aa jaane ke baad log bahut kutch ban jaate hain

Come we’l show u the room, the food will also be provided…..

Baba: What? Food? I’m not gonna eat food, I’m fasting unto death, I’l fast until Lokpal bill is passed. I’l fast until all the politicians go to jail. Jail jao Jail jao Saare neta jail jao

Doc: Bechara daura pad raha hai lagtha hai

Baba: MPs are murderes. MPs are thieves. MPs are dacoits. MPs are smugglers. MPs are rapists. MPs are characterless. MPs are …..

Doc: Iska paagalpan toh badtha jaa raha hai

Baba: Hey doc, I’m not mad okay…The one who calls me mad is actually mad

Sir iska ek hi ilag hai..kisi minister se iski meeting karva lo

we should call Kapil Sibal to try out his zero mental policy or Pranabda for his instant 2 minute mei ban jaayega solution

The best one is Soniaji. Usko dekh ke sab chup ho jaathe hain

Tab toh ye ladkiyon ke kurthi pahenke naachega

Arey ye kya pagal ho ke sushmaji ko competition bada rahe hain…ha..ha…ha