Baba pahunche pagalkhana…

Baba pahunche pagalkhana…

So in the latest war of word Laluji has called Baba Ramdev a mental patient. Toh abhi sach mei aisa ho gaya toh…

Doctor: Oh, so u r the new patient

Baba: Hey, mind ur words I’m not a patient I’m the doc, do u know how many people I’ve cured with my medicine the great yoga medicine

Doctor: So u r doctor now, don’t worry yahan aa jaane ke baad log bahut kutch ban jaate hain

Come we’l show u the room, the food will also be provided…..

Baba: What? Food? I’m not gonna eat food, I’m fasting unto death, I’l fast until Lokpal bill is passed. I’l fast until all the politicians go to jail. Jail jao Jail jao Saare neta jail jao

Doc: Bechara daura pad raha hai lagtha hai

Baba: MPs are murderes. MPs are thieves. MPs are dacoits. MPs are smugglers. MPs are rapists. MPs are characterless. MPs are …..

Doc: Iska paagalpan toh badtha jaa raha hai

Baba: Hey doc, I’m not mad okay…The one who calls me mad is actually mad

Sir iska ek hi ilag hai..kisi minister se iski meeting karva lo

we should call Kapil Sibal to try out his zero mental policy or Pranabda for his instant 2 minute mei ban jaayega solution

The best one is Soniaji. Usko dekh ke sab chup ho jaathe hain

Tab toh ye ladkiyon ke kurthi pahenke naachega

Arey ye kya pagal ho ke sushmaji ko competition bada rahe hain…ha..ha…ha


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