Petrol ka daam girna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai….

The petrol prices are up. What can the aam aadmi do? Let’s find out how everyone is reacting.

Father in law of the bride just before marriage

“What are these things for? Furnitures, Gold and cash as dowry. We don’t want all this. Hamein sirf ek hi cheez chahiye. 100L of petrol. If you can give this only then the marriage will happen. We also need you to sign a bond which says that you will pay for petrol for the rest of the life”

Bank officer to a customer

“Hello sir, we have just introduced a new card known as petrocard. The card comes in different denominations which helps you to buy petrol. With rising prices it is good for you to invest certain amount of money for petrol for a safe future. We are also introducing bank loans to buy petrol upto 100L. Are you interested to buy it?”

A terrorist talking to his boss

“Sir there is a change in our plan. We cannot make petrol bombs due to rise in its price. But we have found an alternative. We are going to use nuclear bombs”

An investor

“I think the best thing to invest upon is petrol because the prices are always up. So after 5 years I will get huge returns for it. I just need a place to store it. May be I can bury all the petrol cans in my backyard”

Sonia Gandhi to her ministers

“Friends, do not worry about this steep hike. It’s just a political ploy. Increase it by Rs 7.50 and then decrease Rs 5.50. It will show that despite tough economic circumstances prevailing we are still concerned about common man. We will also achieve our aim of increasing the petrol price to Rs 2 without much protest”


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