The satyamev jayate effect

So the Amir Khan’s TV debut is a block buster hit. He is now the face of fight against injustice and social issues. Here comes someone who is suffering the most now a days. He is called the Aam Aadmi or the Mango Man

AK: So joining us today is the Aam Aadmi and let us hear his story

AA: My story is full of corruption, injustice, malpractices and all. It is a really tragic story.

AK: Okay. Let us go one by one. You said corruption. How will you explain it?

AA: If I have to talk about corruption then it is there left right and center. The 2G was just a tip of the ice berg. Then there was CWG, mining, Adarsh, coal. There is not a single item left that is not affected by corruption. One scam per day is the motto of this government.

AK: Sad, really sad, what did u do then?

AA: What can I do? Investigations started the matter reached court. Then the same old story. Everyone gets bail and now wait for ten years for the trial to start. This is what happens with the great Indian judicial system

AK: I understand your pain. What was the response from the government?

AA: What response from them. Don’t you know MMS does not speak and Soniaji  and Rahulji are concerned only about the welfare of Gandhi family.

AK: This is really a grievous situation.

AA:Well what you are thinking is wrong because the worst was yet to come.

AK: Oh, the worse yet to come. What is it?

AA: They increased the petrol prices by Rs 7.50

AK: Oh God * * A stunned silence everywhere* *

AA: With petrol prices up I can’t go out, due to price rise I can’t eat, with falling rupee I can’t go to study abroad. Nothing is left.

I understand the compulsions. I know that there is recession and the world economy is affected by it. But what is disheartening is the fact that our ministers are not concerned about all this. Do you know what they discuss in parliament?  Whose cartoon is better, what others are saying about them, stop the functioning of parliament. This parliament can’t even put forward and implement a reform. Then there is a Mamatadi who knows only to oppose everything. Don’t know what I will do? It’s just dark days ahead for me.

AK: Well, Aam AAdmi thank you for coming. I don’t have words to express the situation you are in. I hope that you are strong enough to deal with more and more darkness that is going to come in future.


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