Kya… mannu banega president?

Mamata-Mulayam, the M2 alliance has thrown a googly at the Congress. Despite the presence of Sachin Tendulkar in Rajya Sabha they couldn’t play this one and they got out  bowled. Come lets see how everyone is reacting after the match.

Mamatadi: It’s been a while I have started opposing the Congress, now for a change let them oppose my proposal. Here I suggest Manmohanji for President

Mulayamji: In coalition politics how making oneself heard we should learn that from Mamatadi. So like an ideal student of Mamatadi I am going to support her proposal.

Sonia G: Kya? Manmohan for President. I will not let this happen. How can I let my puppet go away from me? Pranabda will be the President and I will make Rahul the FM. It will be a training for 2014 for Rahul baba.

Rahul G:Are ye kya? Itni jaldi PM ka kurzi mere liye chodke ja rahe hain. But I don’t want to be PM now. Let me take rest for two more years * *yawn * *

Mannu: Hain? Me for President? Actually it is not a bad idea. At least for the next two years I will get some peace. But ye Soniaji…unko mei kaise manaoonga?

Kapil Sibal: What? Congress wants Pranabda for President. You know how many times I have saved the Congress party from embarrassments. Ab sabke muh mei sirf Pranabda Pranabda Pranabda. I will not let this happen. I am supporting MMS for president. Lekin ye kisise bolna mat…

Aam Aadmi: The president of India is just a rubber stamp and for that so much discussion happening. No one wants to discuss about inflation, price rise, economy, poverty, hunger, malnutrition.  All parties are busy with presidential elections. In choron ke haath mei mera kya hoga bagwan..???


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