Ek toota hua parliament hamara….

What is the biggest problem that India is facing right now?….Who will be the next president?  Ab ek mahine ke liye Mango Man ke problems gaye baad mei, hamein chun na hai rashtrapati

Mamata – Mulayam : We want (a) Kalam, (b) Manmohanji (c) Somnath ji. Sabko ism se choose karna padega.

Soniaji: But I’m going with option (d) Pranab da

Mamata: You can do whatever you want Soniaji but you know my principle. I am going to oppose whoever is your candidate. Iskeliye koi Bengali ko hi oppose karna pade tab bhi mei karoongi.

Soniaji to Mulayam: Aap kya pagala gaye hain that you are starting an alliance with Mamata. Can’t you see what we are going through? Why do you want to commit suicide? Look here do not worry. Just support Pranab da and I can assure you that your ministers will be given a cabinet berth next time around okay. You can count on me on this matter

Mulayam: I am eh… hmm…. er…. supporting Pranab da.

Hey guys, hope you have not forgotten me. I am P Sangma. I’m also in this president’s race

Sharad Pawar: Soniaji don’t worry. He will withdraw his application. Aap usko mere upar chod do aur befikar rahiye

Sangma: Withdraw my application? Here take my resignation. Now no one can stop me.

Suno Suno Suno Bhaiyon aur Behenon, I oppose Pranab da’s candidature. So I, Ram Jetmalani is declaring myself fit for this Presidential race. Jisne kala dan chupaya uska muh mei kala karke chodunga

Sushmaji: Hey can someone ask that Ramji to shut his mouth. Even after 55 meetings we cannot decide between Pranab da and Sangma this Jetmalani is going to divide us even more. Somebody help him with a couple of Supreme Court cases

Nithin Gadkari: So after the 72nd meeting we have decided that BJP will support P Sangma

Now let’s go back and see what Mamatadi is up to

Mamatadi: Kalam Sir, please Kalam sir you should contest. You are the pride of the nation. You have a vision for our country. If you contest you will definitely win.

Kalam: No, I will not contest

Mamatadi: Kalam Sir, please Kalam sir The people of India wants you to contest.

Kalam: No, I will not contest

Mamatadi: Kalam Sir, please Kalam sir kam se kam meri ijjat toh bachane ke liye…

Kalam: No, I will not contest

Arey ye kya ho gaya didi. He did not listen to you. Well everything has got a first time you know. Hope you will emerge stronger from your first rejection.

So this is our presidential race. UPA is divided. NDA is divided. Even the Left party is divided. It seems that the whole of the electorate is divided into 272 pieces. Who will get to eat the largest piece of cake will be decided after the elections.


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