A man needs a woman to enter this world

The last couple of weeks has been really hard on women. First incest rapes in Bangalore and Delhi. Then molestation in Guwahati and in the middle of all this some shocking diktats from a Khap Panchayat in UP where they have banned women from going out and use cell phones.

Women in India are subjected to atrocities even before they are born. Infant girls are killed in their mother’s womb itself. Sometimes she is killed after her birth. Even if she manages to survive female infanticide and female foeticide she is still in danger of being abandoned by her parents.

Now even if  she has managed to survive all this what happens next? The ordeal of being born a girl just continues. A boy will be provided education and his needs will be taken care of. But a girl is told from childhood that her only job is to do ‘rasoyi’ (kitchen work) at home. She is denied an education and all her rights.

Now she survives her childhood too and grows into a teenager. That is when all sorts of restrictions come out. She can’t go out at night. She can’t go to parties or pubs. She can’t drink. She can’t wear her favourite clothes. She can’t go out alone. She can’t do this she can’t do that. Her life is virtually controlled by others.

Now from a teenager she graduates into a working woman. Well even today many families have reservations about women going out to work. Many well educated women after marriage continue to be housewives when they have all the abilities to go out earn for themselves and stand on their own feet. Even if she is allowed to go out to work there too many restrictions are put on her. She can’t work late hours. She should come home before a particular time. She can’t do certain jobs. Even in working organizations she is harassed by her colleagues. She is told that she is incompetent. She is overlooked for promotions even if she deserves it. She is made to work harder and double prove herself just for others to accept that she is good enough for the job.

Then comes the part of marriage. The boy can have girlfriends but the girl can’t have boyfriends. If a couple is in love, decides to get married and if the families do not accept them then the blame is put on the girl.  Then even in the case of an arrange marriage the girl’s family has to please the boy by giving into their dowry demands. Then after marriage she should leave her home, come and stay with her husband and in laws. Then she has to suffer the atrocities in the hands of her in laws in the name of dowry. She has to suffer domestic violence by her husband. She can’t go back to her parents because they won’t accept her and will  force her to return. She is blamed if she can’t give birth. She is blamed if she gives birth to a girl child. If she becomes a widower she is stigmatized and kept out of various functions in the society.

Women of all ages are harassed, molested and raped by men. But the culprit is always the victim. She asked for it, she is of loose character, she is a prostitute these are the comments others make She is blamed for what the men did to her.

This is just the life an urban woman leads in India. If you go to rural and village areas the life of a woman is extremely difficult. In villages a male dominated Khap Panchayat runs the show. The diktats of Khap Panchayats are like that of medieval times. Women can’t go out without covering their head. Love marriages are banned. Women have to do a certain set of jobs.

But I have a question for all the men out there. Do you know how you came into this world? From your mother’s womb, a woman’s womb. A woman had to carry you for nine months so that you can come into this beautiful world. Then why are trying to suppress and degrade women rather than respecting her for what she has done to you?


New Tatkal system creates chaos at the railway station

The new tatkal system introduced from today which was to make ticket booking easier resulted in chaos and ruckus at the railway station. People are angry that they are made to wait longer for tickets because this has increased problems for aam aadmi.

“I came with my daughter to book tatkal tickets. She was in the queue from midnight. From today the tatkal booking starts from 10 so she didn’t have her breakfast on time and she fainted. She was then rushed to a hospital. Earlier timing of 8 was better because we can go for breakfast whether we get the ticket or not” an aam aurat said

“This new timing has created new problems for me. I have to go to my office at 10 and here the booking starts only at 10. My boss will be very unhappy with me coming late. Earlier timing was better”, an office going aam aadmi said

All the office goers were seen rushing out after they booked tickets. This rush created some sort of chaos at the railway station. The railway officials had to jump in to take control of the situation

“Office goers are hard hit. They either have to take a leave to book a Tatkal ticket or risk being late for work.”, a railway official said

“They say no agents will be allowed to book tickets. But just by seeing someone’s face how can you make out whether someone is an agent or not. Would that be written on his face?”, a disgruntled aam aadmi who could not get tatkal ticket said.

But one should not get perplexed by this situation. The UPA government is anti aam aadmi and this is one among their several anti aam aadmi steps.

But the UPA government was quick to react. “This is all due to Mamata di. So don’t blame us.”, UPA spokes person said.

Well, now who has the courage to explain everything to Mamata di and make her change the decision.

The one nation one exam formula to increase stress

India is a land of diversity and along the same lines India is a land of diverse school boards. Each state has its own school board, and along with the central board there are 30 different boards. The heterogeneity in syllabus, education and marking  becomes prominent when we try to weigh these different boards in the same scale.

So as a counter measure entrance exam was invented. But in India like different school boards there are different universities and every university started their own entrance exams. So there are at least 30 different entrance exams for engineering currently existing.

These multiple entrance exams are really stressful. Plus one and plus two are the two years that no student wants to rewind for the rest of their lives. You wake up in the morning and go to coaching classes still dizzy in sleep. Then straight from there its time to go to school. Again straight from school you go to the coaching class and at the end of the day you reach home just in time for sleep. There is no time to go out and enjoy some time with friends or watch a movie. You are not even aware of what is happening around you. You are in a cocoon of studies, school and coaching classes and that is the end of your life.

Sibal’s one nation one exam is a good proposal but that is not the solution to reduce stress. Whether someone is giving three entrance tests or one test they would still be going for coaching. It is the time spent in these coaching classes that snatches all the free time and makes life stressful. Why can’t all the studies be done within school time itself?

Instead of focusing on entrance exams the schooling systems is the one that needs a revamp. Why so much coaching centers have come up? Something must be amiss in the school system that has helped such a large number of coaching centers to flourish. Instead of addressing those issues just by reducing the number of entrance exams is not at all going to help.

Scrapping entrance exams may not be feasible at this point. Improving the schooling system will not only help the students reduce stress but also students  in villages and rural areas who don’t have access to these coaching institutes. Nowadays good students are not the ones who make it to the top but the best coached students. So even if you are talented you need to go to these institutes if you want to make it to the top.

In these coaching centers they don’t teach theory or subject. They only teach shortcuts and how to eliminate the wrong answers. So even if we don’t have much theoretical knowledge on a particular subject we can still crack it. You mug up some formulas and use it blindly. There is no need to understand how you got that formula or the theory behind it.

Compare a talented village student who does not have any access to coaching centers and a less talented urban student who goes for coaching day in and day out. The balance always weighs towards the latter unless you are exceptionally bright.

Kapil Sibal and other educationists of this country need to do more homework before reforming the education system. Reforms should not be just for the sake of reforms. Reforms in the wrong direction can easily destroy its purpose. They need to understand the reality of the education system and should see where the reforms are required and take steps accordingly.