The one nation one exam formula to increase stress

India is a land of diversity and along the same lines India is a land of diverse school boards. Each state has its own school board, and along with the central board there are 30 different boards. The heterogeneity in syllabus, education and marking  becomes prominent when we try to weigh these different boards in the same scale.

So as a counter measure entrance exam was invented. But in India like different school boards there are different universities and every university started their own entrance exams. So there are at least 30 different entrance exams for engineering currently existing.

These multiple entrance exams are really stressful. Plus one and plus two are the two years that no student wants to rewind for the rest of their lives. You wake up in the morning and go to coaching classes still dizzy in sleep. Then straight from there its time to go to school. Again straight from school you go to the coaching class and at the end of the day you reach home just in time for sleep. There is no time to go out and enjoy some time with friends or watch a movie. You are not even aware of what is happening around you. You are in a cocoon of studies, school and coaching classes and that is the end of your life.

Sibal’s one nation one exam is a good proposal but that is not the solution to reduce stress. Whether someone is giving three entrance tests or one test they would still be going for coaching. It is the time spent in these coaching classes that snatches all the free time and makes life stressful. Why can’t all the studies be done within school time itself?

Instead of focusing on entrance exams the schooling systems is the one that needs a revamp. Why so much coaching centers have come up? Something must be amiss in the school system that has helped such a large number of coaching centers to flourish. Instead of addressing those issues just by reducing the number of entrance exams is not at all going to help.

Scrapping entrance exams may not be feasible at this point. Improving the schooling system will not only help the students reduce stress but also students  in villages and rural areas who don’t have access to these coaching institutes. Nowadays good students are not the ones who make it to the top but the best coached students. So even if you are talented you need to go to these institutes if you want to make it to the top.

In these coaching centers they don’t teach theory or subject. They only teach shortcuts and how to eliminate the wrong answers. So even if we don’t have much theoretical knowledge on a particular subject we can still crack it. You mug up some formulas and use it blindly. There is no need to understand how you got that formula or the theory behind it.

Compare a talented village student who does not have any access to coaching centers and a less talented urban student who goes for coaching day in and day out. The balance always weighs towards the latter unless you are exceptionally bright.

Kapil Sibal and other educationists of this country need to do more homework before reforming the education system. Reforms should not be just for the sake of reforms. Reforms in the wrong direction can easily destroy its purpose. They need to understand the reality of the education system and should see where the reforms are required and take steps accordingly.


2 thoughts on “The one nation one exam formula to increase stress”

  1. As lecturer & as Student I totally agree with you. Rather improving school level education we busy improving our Higher Education system. Mr. Kapil Sibal previously proposed that CBSE,ICSE & other state boards will have a common syllabus so that the level of education across india will be same … but unfortunately… its just a dream nothing more than that…!!!

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