New Tatkal system creates chaos at the railway station

The new tatkal system introduced from today which was to make ticket booking easier resulted in chaos and ruckus at the railway station. People are angry that they are made to wait longer for tickets because this has increased problems for aam aadmi.

“I came with my daughter to book tatkal tickets. She was in the queue from midnight. From today the tatkal booking starts from 10 so she didn’t have her breakfast on time and she fainted. She was then rushed to a hospital. Earlier timing of 8 was better because we can go for breakfast whether we get the ticket or not” an aam aurat said

“This new timing has created new problems for me. I have to go to my office at 10 and here the booking starts only at 10. My boss will be very unhappy with me coming late. Earlier timing was better”, an office going aam aadmi said

All the office goers were seen rushing out after they booked tickets. This rush created some sort of chaos at the railway station. The railway officials had to jump in to take control of the situation

“Office goers are hard hit. They either have to take a leave to book a Tatkal ticket or risk being late for work.”, a railway official said

“They say no agents will be allowed to book tickets. But just by seeing someone’s face how can you make out whether someone is an agent or not. Would that be written on his face?”, a disgruntled aam aadmi who could not get tatkal ticket said.

But one should not get perplexed by this situation. The UPA government is anti aam aadmi and this is one among their several anti aam aadmi steps.

But the UPA government was quick to react. “This is all due to Mamata di. So don’t blame us.”, UPA spokes person said.

Well, now who has the courage to explain everything to Mamata di and make her change the decision.


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