Was it a trailer before the release of the movie?

The anti Team Anna people would vouch for it. The pro Team Anna supporters would categorically deny it. Whichever side you are on, the movie will be released in 2014. As usual the janata will decide whether the movie is a hit or a flop. The real question is what ever was going on in the past one year was it really the trailer?

The movement is dubbed as the final war against corruption. In the last couple of days the movement has undergone a paradigm shift from being apolitical to more and more political. Right from the first day of first Anshan this was the question on everyone’s mind  ‘Should Team Anna join politics?’ After four anshans spanning almost a year they found out that there was no other alternative. To fight the system you must get into the system. But this shift in plans was it their plan or destiny’s plan?

Politicians are happy with the decision. At least for the time being the anshans and the constant blackmailing is going to take a back seat.  But politics is not like sitting for an anshan. It is a long drawn process. Here they have to bring in a corruption free and honest alternative. But how can they achieve all this?

Some fundamental questions need to be answered. How to select honest people? Just by looking at or interacting with someone we cannot judge his credentials. Even the members of Team Anna are not saints. Now the perception is that if you support Team Anna and the anti corruption movement then you have passed the honesty test.

The second question is how to contest elections without spending money? During election candidates spent crores of rupees for campaigning. Money, freebies is thrown around at people to get votes. So can Team Anna get votes from people by promising Lokpal.  Elections cannot be fought on a single agenda. Roti Kapada Makan is what majority of India still needs. How can you explain the importance of lokpal to an uneducated farmer in a village? What is the significance of lokpal to someone who is poor and does not know how to get the next meal? Can Team Anna garner support from rural areas? They have to create awareness, they have to do a lot of campaigning and all this is not possible without spending money.

Then the third question is how to enlighten voters to vote on issues? Issue based votes can be obtained but on what issues? The election cannot be won just on lokpal issue. They have to take up other contentious issues as well.

It is going to be exciting days ahead. A new alternative is taking shape. The movement which initially had strength later fizzled out. Will the destiny change after plunging into the political arena. Let us wait and watch.


One thought on “Was it a trailer before the release of the movie?”

  1. fantastic observation. yep a trailer for sure. dnt know how its gonna end. people have very short term memories support for anna may not turn them in to votes. its more of a feeling of empathy and sympathy we have seen it before in the south. actors drew crowds in lakhs but lost deposits. ur fundamental question about selecting honest people and expenditure are noteworthy. good going. we need to probe further

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