Do not create another Kashmir out of North East – an appeal to extremists

When our country is all peaceful and calm you suddenly emerge out of no where, like a satan. You always detest peace and harmony of our country. You are a group of sadists who find happiness in inflicting pain on others. A common man will never be able to understand you or your actions.

Your presence is found at any place at any given time. You were there in Kashmir, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, UP and many others. Most recently you visited Assam and Mumbai. Losing is not an option for you and you always win. You won in Kashmir, Gujarat, Delhi, UP. Now you are winning in Assam and other parts of India. What made you so unbeatable?

Sometimes you put the mask of religious extremists. You stand in Kashmir and say “Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O-Akbar kehna hai” (If you want to stay in Kashmir, you have to say Allah-O-Akbar). You then terrorize the Kasmiri Pandits and oust them from their motherland. You go to Ayodhya and declare “Jab hum idhar se finally jayenge na, to idhar kuch nahin bachneka” (When we finally leave this place, nothing here will survive). “We have no orders to save you”, you say in Gujarat. You kill people, incite violence and make sure everything is destroyed in the riots. In the midst of the chaos you take advantage and kill people, rape women and do all sorts of ghastly things. You orphan many children, you render many homeless. But you are not ashamed of anything.

On some occasions you put the mask of regional extremists. You become Shiv Sena and say “North Indian people are unwelcome in Mumbai” and thrash them. Sometimes you become Naxals who are fighting for the regional liberation. But the liberation you are fighting for include violence and death. You only understand the language of violence.

Hindus attack Muslims in one part of our country and the counter attack happens in another part. But why is the retaliation important? This is not what Quran or Bagwat Gita teach us.

Now you are spewing venom in Assam and the North East. Tribals attacked the Muslim community there and now the Muslims are on a rampage in many parts of the country. Our North East brothers and sisters are being attacked. Isn’t they part of us too? Now they are fleeing towards their homeland from different parts of the country.

We have always treated our NE people differently. We consider them as foreigners, foreigners in their own land. But please do not take them for granted. What if tomorrow they take up arms for the liberation of their state? What if they say they do not want to be part of a country where they are foreigners? Please do not create another Kashmir out of North East. North East people are the pride of our nation. Don’t betray them.


One thought on “Do not create another Kashmir out of North East – an appeal to extremists”

  1. Very well scripted Swapna, timely and meaningful. We have to ensure that our bretheren in NE get suitable jobs and the economy of the State is also improved through programmes and policies of the Centre. That will definitely help in upkeep of the morale of the people there.

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