I want to vote this time but…….

The elections are round the corner and all candidates are out on the streets campaigning day and night. This is also the time when the political bug hits hard and people from various strata of society vie to become politicians; be it sports persons, film stars, comedians, social workers, business men; the political class is ready to welcome all . Like every election this one too has its share of entertainment. Be it Rakhi Sawant fighting elections with a green chilly symbol, or candidates weeping for not getting the constituency of their choice, or candidates changing their affiliated parties each week like chameleons, or friends suddenly becoming political opponents, as a whole it is a total block buster.

This is also a crucial time for the people of this country. They again have the power to choose and rectify if they had done any mistakes in the past. So voter awareness campaigns is also going on in a full-fledged manner. The essence of democracy itself is the participation of the people. So in the true spirit of democracy people should come out and vote. Many campaigns like pledge to vote by Citizens for Accountable Governance, and so on is trying hard to help the cause.

Sine I turned 18, I have voted on all the three occasions when the elections were on, one Lok Sabha election, one State Assembly and one Municipal elections. On all three occasions I was at home, so I made it a point to exercise my right. But this time during Lok Sabha elections I will be in my workplace and that is around 600 km from my home. I would feel really bad if I am not able to vote this time. I even called up my parents and asked them if I could come home, vote, and then come back that day itself. But the question in front of me is, I must travel around 13 hours to reach home, then go and vote, then again travel back 13 hours. Such an effort for a single vote, hmmm…….?

There are campaigns to create voter awareness and it is required so that more and more people come out and exercise their right. But what about those people who genuinely want to vote, but are not able to do it because of unavoidable circumstances. Today most people are migrating to other places, especially cities for better opportunities. People are ready to go anywhere if they are getting better opportunities. So it would be of great help to many people who are outside their states, some provision of going to their nearest constituency and vote or at least a provision of postal vote.

A lot of private companies are providing employment to many youngsters these days. But the job require them to shift places constantly. A person now working in Bangalore might shift to Mumbai for another project after say, six months, then from there to Delhi after sometime and so on. Entering our names in the electoral rolls in every city we go can be a bit of burden for such people. So some alternative arrangements are made then much more people would be happy enough to exercise their right and vote in the elections. What if your vote turn out to be the decider.


2 thoughts on “I want to vote this time but…….”

  1. Hi Swapna, I don’t know how many peopl considr dis a serious issue, but considering the number of peopl working abroad and out of their respective states i thnk some measure has to be taken to includ them in the democratic proces as wel. . hope postal or online voting systems is introduced in coming years. . N r u cming to vote ?? 🙂

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